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WorkforceNEXT Energy Summit

Have a presentation or case study for the Energy HR/Workforce/IT community?

We would like to invite you to submit presentations or case studies that address real world solutions, best practices, knowledge gained, lessons learned and challenges remaining in vital topic areas of interest to the energy communities, including those listed below.

  • Rapidly Changing Compensation and Benefit Strategies & Solutions in the New Normal…Attraction, Retention, Engagement and Succession
  • Attracting, Managing and Developing the Future Energy Workforce: Outside/In, The Voice of Future Workers
  • Boom, Bust, Build: Rethinking the 21st Century Energy Workforce
  • View of the Future of Energy & HR from the C-Suite
    • CIO/HR perspective
    • New technology and how it is being introduced
    • Cybersecurity issues for employees
    • How to partner with IT and HR
    • Change Management- What is HR’s role
      • HRIS Implementation
  • Economic Outlook from the Oilfield: What does the Rest of this Recovery Look Like? What is the New Normal? Planning for the Future?
  • Upgrade My Leadership
    • Culture
    • OD- How to Leverage technology for an agile workforce
    • How to have a culture of transparency to recruit and grow young executives
    • Succession Planning & Performance Planning throughout disruption
  • How are companies in Oil & Gas dealing with Performance Management?
    • What can we use as tools to keep talent?
  • Specific tactics and development strategies
    • What are companies doing for management development?
  • How to prepare for your career
  • How to help employees give us clues for what they need to develop?
    • “Career Pathing”
    • Retention
    • Cross training
    • Competency Based Methods
  • Capabilities for new digital roles needed in Energy
    • Recruiting & retaining new types of talent
    • Building a culture to support this new talent
    • Branding & Attraction for new digital talent
    • Case study on new jobs being created for energy companies with technology and automation functions
    • CIO on new needs
    • Talent & Innovation
    • How is HR focused and structured for these new workers and talent needs

Our Energy Industrial Community of HR Leaders (CHROs, VP HR, HRIS, VP Talent Acquisition, Compensation & Benefit Directors) Includes:

Oil & Gas Upstream / E&P: Onshore and Offshore • Oil & Gas Pipelines / Terminals / Storage • Power Generation • Power Transmission & Distribution • Wind / Solar / Renewable Power • Chemical / Petrochemical• Refining • Industrial  • Energy Engineering

How to Submit:

Help us bring forward relevant and vital HR topics within the Energy Community!

Contact Sean Guerre, Partner, at or (713) 489-6773 ext. 700.