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WorkforceNEXT Energy Summit

What’s on the agenda for the 2019 Summit…

Digitization and automation are rapidly transforming the energy workplace. In today’s constantly-connected world, the lines between the physical office, the plant, the oilfield and where work actually happens are blurring. Advances in technology – from AI, VR/AR/XR, IoT, Blockchain and Data Analytics/Visualization tools to HR Applications and Virtual Meeting/Communication Platforms – are improving the employee experience and increasing company-wide efficiency and productivity.

The WorkforceNEXT Energy Summit explores the technologies that are driving collaboration, innovation and productivity in new ways that accommodate a multi-generational workforce and remote & autonomous energy workplace. Instead of battling against the natural evolution of the workplace, join us at the Summit to learn about the tools necessary to embrace and lead these trends.

Through a series of thought leader presentations, energy operator panels and digital workforce expert round tables, we’ll explore the following four trends impacting the energy workplace of the future:

  • Collaboration & Innovation: Cultures, Communication and the Emerging PetroTechnical Workforce
  • New Ways of Working in Energy: VR/AR, Blockchain & Big Data Analytics
  • Impact of IoT, Automation, Wearables, Sensors and Bots in the Intelligent & Connected Industrial Workplace
  • AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing in the Oilfield: Redefining the Energy Workforce

Get answers to these and other important questions:

  • What are the challenges & opportunities of a digital workplace, and how do you become a front runner?
  • How do we utilize AI/Cognitive Computing/Intelligent Automation to amplify and magnify the human engineering talent?
  • How will the combination of workforce connectivity and digital capital projects solutions enable companies to deliver greater value from energy projects at a higher speed, reducing time to market, with minimized budget variances and improved asset performance?
  • What type of employee experience and innovation culture fosters a productive workplace for rapid adoption of emerging technology in energy?
  • How can organizations take advantage of today’s latest trends in workplace technologies and build a strategy roadmap for innovative tech?
  • How will AI programs absorb the learnings of geologists and petroleum engineers, then imitate their decision-making processes as they work on subsurface challenges together?
  • What new tech tools are worth adopting? Which are proven for your energy workforce to make them safer, more productive and efficient?
  • How do you provide a mobile, virtual and remote energy workforce with a consistent, connected experience?
  • What are the emerging digital opportunities and best practices to supercharge technical recruiting/talent management, optimize oil & gas production and streamline business processes, all while reducing costs and freeing up human capital for more strategic, value-added work?
  • How can energy companies build a new talent model that engages, attracts, retains and motivates both the current & future tech-savvy workforce?
  • How do you work with supply chain critical vendors, contractors, etc. in a digital workplace?
  • Which technologies are speeding training and knowledge transfer?
  • How can the connected workforce, enabled by digital technology, transform maintenance processes in the field across the asset life-cycle? How does the use of wearables and mobility-enabled solutions help manage and execute tasks such as work orders, in-field asset data management?
  • What IoT or digital initiatives will have the largest business and workforce impacts in energy?
  • How do you create and build the adaptive mindset needed for confronting, and successfully exploiting, the oceans of data now available to engineers?
  • What types of skill sets and training are needed across the energy IT/Engineering/Operations organization of a transformed digital workplace?

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Questions on the agenda? Contact Sean Guerre, Partner & Summit Director, at 713-489-6773 Ext. 700 or