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Viper M Series Unmanned Aircraft

Viper M Series Unmanned Aircraft

Posted By: John Ferguson, Saxon Remote Systems.

1. The most utilitarian Unmanned System in the market

The Viper M Series Unmanned System is what we consider to be the most utilitarian unmanned system in the market today. The construction methods used for the Viper M Series is a result of years of experience learned from building aircraft for larger defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon Missile Systems, NASA just to name a few.

Our original design of the Viper started as an M6 or 6-foot wing. We noticed that the aircraft was very capable but lacked in payload space and weight. Although the aircraft flew very well the wing loading, fuse space available and payload weight proved to be inadequate. We then scaled the Viper M6 to a new Viper M10 where we increased the fuselage width to 6 inches from the standard 4. Again, this flew very well but still was inadequate for payload weight, space and wing loading.

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