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WorkforceNEXT Energy Insights: Talking with Uma

WorkforceNEXT Energy Insights: Talking with Uma

Posted By: Westleigh Cutts.

Uma Ranganathan, PHR
Program Manager, Statoil
Advisory Board Member, WorkforceNEXT
Global Organization for Divinity, volunteer

Uma is program responsible for ‘Lead and Drive Performance’, which aims to improve business performance by strengthening leader’s abilities to drive team performance and influence others. With this position Uma has had the opportunity to specialize in talent and performance management, along with employee branding.

What hiring techniques do you use in the energy industry? What is working now versus what has worked in the past, what will work in the future?
In the past, recruitment was about volumes. With the vast changes that have impacted our industry, due to the downturn, recruitment is now about value. In other words, identifying the best solution in light of digitalization, changing competence requirements and a renewed strategy.

How do you create opportunities to increase employee engagement?
The three main activities through which employee engagement is maintained and increased are continuous feedback, strength-based development and creating a learning culture. Further encouraging continuous feedback and openness around decisions gives more impetus to engagement. This can be done through town halls and Senior Leadership presence from time to time.

Get to Know the HR Pro

What one event in your childhood had the greatest effect on your life?
It was the time when I did bungee jumping. I felt every moment of the activity was crushing every inch of fear that I had.

If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have?
I would have been a Musician: teaching, researching and performing.

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