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Pulse Aerospace launches new mission planning software, FlightLine

Pulse Aerospace launches new mission planning software, FlightLine

Posted By: Pulse Aerospace.

Pulse Aerospace, the premier developer of helicopter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) platforms in the United States, has announced the launch of its new mission planning software: FlightLine.

FlightLine increases the efficiency of UAS operations by adding intuitive, automated mission planning tools, worldwide map and DTED data, common and custom sensor configurations, and automated redundant mission fault checking. FlightLine takes a sensor-first focus to the mission planning process to help operators ensure that their jobs will be completed efficiently without compromising data quality. This means that even custom sensor parameters can be configured and stored for future usage. FlightLine pairs perfectly with Pulse’s Vapor and Radius Series unmanned helicopters, and their command and control interface. The GCS takes an aircraft-first focus to help ensure our operators conduct safe, reliable, and repeatable missions. This delineation and pairing of FlightLine with the GCS Software provides operators the ability to plan projects in the office and push missions to operators in the field.

Pulse’s history of delivering efficient aircraft that carry a wide variety of sensors has helped shape the development of FlightLine. According to the Pulse Aerospace CTO, Bill Donovan, “For nearly 14 years, we have been delivering unmanned aircraft systems with a wide range of LiDAR, EO, and IR sensor packages that have been used in a variety of remote sensing applications. This experience has afforded us tremendous insight into the mission planning processes that are needed not only to gather data efficiently, but also to collect the correct data, the right way, the first time.

Flight line contains several features that allow for a streamlined mission planning processes including automatic map calibration that can be customized to accept user WMS data, automatic flight grid planning based on sensor data, customizable sensors, and the ability to import missions from KML/csv files. Flightline also provides the ability to plan multiple missions within a single project, helping to provide operators with a complete picture of the job they are planning.

FlightLine has been in its first release to select customers since February 2018.

About Pulse Aerospace®

Pulse Aerospace® is the premier developer of helicopter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology in the United States. Pulse’s HeliSynth technology brings dynamics, control, payload, and endurance capabilities historically limited to high cost military vehicles, to commercially relevant price points and systems. Pulse’s leadership has served military, commercial, university, and non-military government VTOL UAS customers for nearly a decade. Pulse’s technical advantages are recognized in both light and heavy payload applications using traditional helicopter designs that are more scalable than other vehicle configurations.