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Interview: Increasing Transparency of Industrial Drone Deployment

Interview: Increasing Transparency of Industrial Drone Deployment

Posted By: Sara Pettit.

The Energy Drone Coalition has teamed up with Drone Industry Insights to conduct a survey on the use of drones in the energy sector. The results will be analyzed to reveal important facts to increase transparency of drone deployment in an industrial environment. This survey will also serve as an annual benchmark for the industry. We recently connected with Hendrik Bödecker, the co-founder of Drone Industry Insights, to gain some insight on his experience, what makes this project unique and the vital insights that he hopes to gain upon the aggregation of the results.

Hendrik BoedeckerWhat are you hoping to learn from an energy specific UAV survey?
Today market reports mainly summarize information on a very high level by assessing quantitative market values and trends. However, industry specific information enable much more detailed and meaningful view at a high level of detail. In other words, we aim to learn more about the “who”, the “what” and the “how” of drone technology in the energy sector.

How can this survey help create a benchmark for the energy & engineering UAV industry?
This report will display the current pulse of drone technology in the energy sector and shall serve as an industry specific benchmark. Furthermore, we shape the fundament for comparability: The collected data will be also used as a basis for further research activities to assess the future development of this market.

What makes this survey and research project different from other surveys in the UAV industry?
Compared to the top-down view, we use a bottom-up research method with primary data solely focusing on the energy sector. Future-predicting top-down models follow a certain logic on how a market is structured. The drone market does not follow this “conservative” view – the level of disruption in technology and business models combined with several catalytic effects makes this market unique. Hence, the way to assess this market must be too.

Based on your past research projects, do you feel any trends may emerge?
Hardware is hard and not the leading driver anymore – today the focus lies on streamlined workflows. To be more precise, the preparation, communication and the further use of the collected data as well as the integration into enterprises are in the foreground of current trends. This includes the integration of industry foreign technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, telecommunication and many more. The respective industries are challenged in very different ways. Mastering these challenges (technology, regulation, maturity, etc.) we will reach huge scaling effects.

Tell us a little about your background and what does in the marketplace?
I am the co-founder of Drone Industry Insights with more than 10 years of professional experience at Drone Industry Insights and the civil aviation industry in several positions. We founded in 2015 in Hamburg, Germany and are now the leading source for business intelligence in the field of commercial drones. We are supporting companies around the world to build sustainable business models and help investors to make the right decisions in this new and extremely dynamic market.

We aim to get as much input as possible to get a clear picture on the state of drone use in the energy industry today. Submit your responses to this 4-5 minute survey below or connect to it here. Please pass on to any colleagues who are involved with drones in the energy industry, as well.