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Industrial VR/AR Forum

Have a presentation, case-study or workshop for the Industrial VR/AR & Immersive Tech community?

With visionaries from across the industrial, energy/engineering and VR/AR/XR world speaking, and case studies from those already succeeding on the front line, you’ll hear about the latest advances and innovations in immersive tech/wearables and get insight on the real opportunities that are arising as the industrial mixed reality market shifts from R&D into operations.

We would like to invite you to submit presentations or case studies that address real world solutions, best practices, knowledge gained, lessons learned and challenges remaining in vital topic areas of interest to the Energy, Industrial and Engineering communities, including those listed below.

  • Submittals by Energy/Industrial End Users or with Energy/Industrial End Users included are Preferred for the Industrial VR/AR Forum 2019

Example Topics of Interest:

  • Virtual lessons being used to support leadership/management, safety and behavioral learning
  • Successful strategies for building and scaling AR/VR/Immersive Tech in your Industrial Operations
  • The larger implications of AR and VR’s emergence in the oil and gas industry
  • Predictive safety sensing: the use of vests, goggles, two-way communication in oil and gas
  • VR/AR/Immersive Tech training sessions: enhancing users experience, speed of learning and lowering costs
  • Worker-amplified intelligence: augmented reality overlays increasing worker accuracy, efficiency, and safety
  • Mixed reality: more intuitive, immersive, and empowering solutions in the Industrial sector
  • Insights on how hardware, content, platforms and business models will play out as the AR/VR market matures
  • Dive into who is looking to use VR as a employee engagement tool
  • The Industrial VR/AR investor perspective: where are the gaps restricting market growth and where the biggest opportunities?
  • The future of Industrial 3D Technology: sensing, processing, visualization
  • How Immersive Tech is changing the exploration and production landscape in Oil & Gas
  • Remote Inspection and Fieldwork with AR
  • Communication strategies for remote field operations with AR Data

*Presentations / Case Studies must be non-commercial to be considered by the Industry Advisory Board

Our Industrial-Specific Community of End Users Includes:

Oil & Gas Upstream / E&P: Onshore and Offshore • Oil & Gas Pipelines / Terminals / Storage • Power Generation • Power Transmission & Distribution • Wind / Solar / Renewable Power • Chemical / Petrochemical• Refining • Industrial Infrastructure • Energy Construction Projects • Energy Engineering & Design • Environmental / Spill Emergency Response • Mining * Ports * Maritime

Help us bring forward relevant Industrial VR/AR/Immersive Tech topics within the Global Energy Community!

Let us know if you are interested in speaking or submit your topic here