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Industrial VR/AR Forum

2019 Industrial VR/AR Forum Advisory Board

The Industrial VR/AR Forum is a dedicated source of information for the Industrial, Energy & Engineering Immersive Tech Leaders specifically interested or involved in VR/AR/XR and wearable systems. Our Industrial VR/AR Forum community provides the latest trends, tactics, technology and business case insights into how to improve your business and prepare for what the future of energy entails.

2019 Advisory Board

Amy Peck, Founder/CEO, EndeavorVR
John J. Simmons, Technical Executive, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Program, Power Delivery and Utilization Sector, EPRI
Mac Mckee, Director, Strategic Initiatives, INTECSEA / WorleyParsons
Simon Evans, Director, Digital Engineering, SNC-Lavalin

The challenges and solutions that we cover for our audience are directly sourced from the community and reviewed by the industry leaders on our Advisory Board.