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Energy Drone & Robotics Summit

Learn from stakeholders who are already successful and making great progress with Energy UAV operations!

With the rapid growth of UAVs for energy inspections, mapping and surveying the need to meet with your colleagues this June in Houston to learn best practices around public acceptance & trust, safety & risk management, and hear real-world energy use cases is vital.

  • How are UAVs being used safely today in energy operations?
  • What are the Business Cases and Key Metrics that energy companies are using for drones?
  • How is risk management being handled by Energy companies and drone operators for UAVs?

What can I expect to gain from attending the Energy Drone Summit?

You will connect and learn from fellow energy drone experts & specialists, energy company drone operators, regulators, UAV hardware, software, data technology developers all specifically aimed at efficient, successful & safe drone operations globally around energy facilities.

Real-world examples of starting & scaling drone operations, energy use cases and solutions to drone operations for energy companies, as well as best practices for risk management, data security, UAV countermeasures & regulatory compliance will be explored throughout the Summit.

Hear directly from our panel of major energy end users & drone operators from the oil & gas and power markets on how they are building, scaling and integrating UAVs into their energy operations.