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Energy Drone & Robotics Summit

Over 700 industry leaders attended the 2018 Summit, from companies including:

Improve Efficiency, Safety & Energy Operations with UAVs/Robotics/AI

The Energy Drone & Robotics Summit is a forum dedicated to launching, growing and scaling enterprise UAV/Robotics operations in energy companies worldwide by bringing together the major rapidly growing segments within the UAV/AUV/Robotics ecosystem, with the energy industrial complex asset owners and end users.

This is the only event exclusively focused on the business and technology of UAVs/Robotics (aerial, ground/surface & subsea) in energy operations.

You can be a part of the largest event in the world where the key challenges & solutions for how the industry is currently operating UAVs/Robotics successfully in the Oil & Gas, Power, Maritime, Wind/Solar, Chemical, Refining, Petrochemical, Energy Engineering & Construction markets.

What can I expect at the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit?

You will connect and learn from fellow energy UAV/Robotics experts & specialists, energy company UAV operators & executives, regulators, UAV/Robotics hardware, software, data technology specialists all specifically aimed at efficient, successful & safe drone operations globally around critical infrastructure/energy facilities.

Real-world examples of starting & scaling drone/robotics operations, energy use cases and specific software/data/AI solutions to UAV operations for energy companies, as well as best practices for risk management, data acquisition/management/security, C-UAV/Robotics for facility security, and disaster response for critical infrastructure will be explored throughout the Summit including:

  • Hear directly from our panel of major energy end users & drone operators from the oil & gas, utility & chemical markets on how they are building, scaling and integrating UAVs into their energy operations.
  • Scaling Energy UAVs to Enterprise
    • Should Your Drone Program be In-House, Hybrid or Outsourced?
      • Benefits/Challenges/Options
      • Business Cases
    • Leveraging AI/Machine Learning with your Workflows
    • Managing Data at Scale
  • Critical Infrastructure C-UAS & Security Summit
    • Security & Counter-UAS for Energy Assets & Facilities
  • Mega Panels: DATA IS THE NEW OIL
    • Utilizing UAV & Robotics Data to Drive Business Value
    • Living on the Edge: Edge Computing and Real Time Data Opportunities
    • AI is Coming Of Age: How Can AI help build the energy operations of tomorrow?
    • Autonomous Operations: Reality Check and Opportunities in Energy
  • UAVs & Robotics Disaster Response Forum
    • Disaster Planning & Emergency Response in Energy Operations

How are the energy, engineering companies who utilize drones for inspection, mapping and surveying projects building their business case for unmanned technology? Our experts will share how they are building the business case with hundreds of real-world projects and which metrics matter. 

Thank You to Our 2018 Exhibitors, Sponsors & Partners!

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