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Energy Drone Coalition Summit

Workshop: Designing, Launching & Scaling Energy/Engineering UAV Programs

In addition to the information-packed two-day Energy Drone Summit agenda and action on the Expo Floor, this year’s Energy Drone Coalition event includes workshops, co-located events and training. The Designing, Launching & Scaling Energy/Engineering UAV Programs Workshop is taking place on Tuesday, June 19th from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

This workshop provides everything you wanted to know about launching and growing your UAV program for energy & engineering operations. Learn from successful real-world energy UAV programs that are actively working right now as outsourced, in-house or hybrid models and the benefits of each.

This workshop is $99 to attend, and you can register through the primary Energy Drone Summit registration process (the orange button to the right will take you there!).

Here’s an agenda overview (detailed version available on our primary agenda page):

Building Your UAV Program Foundation
Speaker: Josh Olds, VP Operations, USI- Unmanned Safety Institute

  • Insurance/Legal/Regulatory for Energy Facilities
  • Drone Pilot Training for Critical Infrastructure
  • Key Certifications
  • SMS – Safety Management Systems Best Practices

Standards Matter – Building an Effective SOP for Drone Operations
Speaker: Ed Hine, Vice President, Hazon Solutions

  • SOPs- How to get it right with critical infrastructure

Designing the Optimal UAV Program for your Energy Operations:
Speaker: Derek Lyons, Airview Consulting

  • Should Your Drone Program Be In-House, Outsourced or Hybrid?
    • Business Cases for Each Model
    • Costs/Savings Data
      • Quality of Data
      • Integrating Data with your Workflows
  • Drone Ops Software Needed
    • Starting Your Program
    • What’s Needed to Scale for Enterprise

Real-Experience UAV Program Launch & Build
Speaker: Mitch Droz, Co-Owner & VP Operations, Wolf UAS

  • Building the business case:
    • Team Members
    • Budgeting strategy
    • Benefits strategy
  • Program concept and program reality:
    • Operation tools for Operations Manager and Pilots
    • Field-focused Safety Management System tools
    • Maintenance challenges
  • Lessons learned:
    • Aerial Data focus
    • #1 requested use case
    • Hybrid model adjustments
    • Efforts towards BVLOS

Real-World Energy Company UAV Program Scaling Use Case
Speaker: Landon Phillips, COO, DataWing Global

Interactive Panel Q&A with Instructors


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Details can be found on each by clicking the links above. Please note that each registration is separate from the 2-day Energy Drone Conference Pass and Expo Pass.