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Energy Drone Coalition Summit

Have a presentation, case study or workshop for the Energy Drone Coalition and/or Energy Robotics & AI Network communities?

We would like to invite you to submit presentations or case studies that address real world solutions, best practices, knowledge gained, lessons learned and challenges remaining in vital topic areas of interest to the energy & engineering communities, including those listed below.

  • Submittals by Energy End Users or with Energy End Users included are Preferred for the 2019 Energy Drone Coalition and Energy Robotics & AI Network Summit & Expo.

Example Topics of Interest:

  • AI/Robotics/Automation UAV & Unmanned Systems Solutions
  • Best Practices and Case Studies for UAV/Unmanned Systems Operations in Energy – Asset Management, Infrastructure Inspections, Remote Data Collection, High-Tech Sensor Deployment, Reducing Operational and Personnel Risks
  • Opportunities for Scaling Up UAVs to Increase Safety, Efficiency and Profitability in Critical Infrastructure Environments
  • Regulatory & Policy Updates, Current & Proposed (Federal, State and Local)
  • Fugitive Emissions, Compliance & Detection
  • Risk Management, Legal, Privacy, Liability & Insurance Considerations
  • Vetting UAS Platforms, UAV Services for Energy & Engineering Specific Operations
  • Energy UAV/Unmanned Systems Selection Considerations, Analysis of Available Platforms, Payloads and Systems that work best for Energy Assets
  • Operational Considerations for the Energy Enterprise-,Codes and Best Practices in Energy Facilities including Training and Safety
  • Unmanned Systems Program Management for the Enterprise: Considerations, Costs, Data Collection, Reporting
  • Planning for Integration with Current Inspection / Maintenance Systems and Workflows
  • Big Data Handling & Analytics: Integrating/Harnessing UAV/Robotics Data, and aligning with Data Captured from Existing Sources
  • Leveraging and Managing Large Data Sets: Processing, Sharing, Storing
  • 3D Imaging, Surveying, Mapping: Tools & Technologies
  • Field-Testing UAVs: Collision Avoidance, LiDAR Technologies, BVLOS, Night Ops
  • Innovative Drone Partnerships: Industry / University Collaboration, Developments & Opportunities
  • Drone Detection/ Counter-drone strategies for critical infrastructure
  • Facility & Perimeter Security and Surveillance with UAVs

*Presentations / Case Studies must be non-commercial to be considered by the Industry Advisory Board

Our Energy & Engineering Industrial Community of End Users Includes:

Oil & Gas Upstream / E&P: Onshore and Offshore • Oil & Gas Pipelines / Terminals / Storage • Power Generation • Power Transmission & Distribution • Wind / Solar / Renewable Power • Chemical / Petrochemical• Refining • Industrial Inspection • Energy Construction Projects • Energy Engineering • Environmental / Spill Emergency Response • Mining

How to Submit:
Help us bring forward relevant UAV / Robotics / AI topics within the Global Energy Community!

Contact Sean Guerre, Director, at or 713-489-6773 Ext. 700 to submit.