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Stone Fort Group: multi-sector, industry leading events and communities

About Stone Fort Group

It’s not about us, is it? It really is about you. More than that, it is our innovative communities in Energy, Workforce and Healthcare that are about serving you and talking about your real-world business challenges, opportunities, solutions and bringing buyers and sellers for emerging markets together year-round. It’s how our b2b media channels can help improve the quality, value and performance of the networking for communities we serve.

What We Do

Stone Fort Group does a lot. And we do it the way you want it.
We run dynamic and transformational b2b gatherings for the communities we serve, provide digital information resources and facilitate industry communication all year round – in multiple channels. We deliver content, relevancy, audiences – and drive business.

Cultivate and Organize Remarkable Events

Summits, Exhibitions, Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

This is a major part of our business and still showcases a simple truth: There is no substitute for getting senior business people together to share experiences, discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities and build partnerships.

We use the latest event technology including sophisticated networking technologies and onsite meeting scheduling, as well as tools to allow for year-round networking post-event.

Our conferences can be anything from closely focused executive events, hosted events for industries in digital transformation to an annual industry gathering where major strategy, policy or product announcements are made.

Real Time Content & Communities for Emerging b2b Markets

Stone Fort Group is forging a new media business model based on the development of community-driven websites & social media, market intelligence newsletters, as well as live events. We are launching new innovative brands to serve b2b communities with a digital & mobile first philosophy that never forgets that people like to meet face-to-face often!

The team at Stone Fort Group is committed to build a company that focuses solely on delivering truly great content and community experiences in the digital and live event channels. We are challenging the conventional formulas and platforms to create fresh new approaches for b2b content, community and commerce.